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155 colored acrylics in the set

Glitterbels Acrylic powders are super pigmented, smooth to apply and made easier to control.
I advise using them as a design powder rather than strength, and to cap in clear, I cap in Glitterbels Glass Slippers. I prefer this method as I find it better for building your apex and a better finish. These powders are designed to work along side any Monomer you choose.

Please be aware that all powders included in the collection will be sent out subject to availability, if any powders are out of stock at the time of purchase we will send these out as soon as our stock replenishes.

Due to our store being located in Canada, you may have to pay duty fees on an order this big, those fees are your responsibility* 

Don’t forget to tag our Instagram @thenailthrone @glitterbels when using them!

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