Extra Long Clear Stiletto Tips

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Extra Long Clear Stiletto Tips!
Made from ABS plastic for better durability, flexibility and no cracking.
The tips are numbered and there are 504pcs inside this box.

Glitterbels Extra Long Clear Stiletto tips can be kept as Stiletto, I file slightly into the sides to taper them slightly more, or you can cut off the numbers, file into the sides, to make a tapered coffin shape.

These tips have straight side walls, but a slight curve on top where they join to the natural nail to aid apex placement.

I apply these using our base glue,I use my scissors to cut to the desired length, I then apply my thin clear acrylic base, I do this to make redesigns easier when I come to efile for doing infills.

I then go straight in with my chosen colour powders, and perfect the shape once capped in clear powder(Glass Slippers).

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