Heart Cut Out Flash Glitter Press On Gel Nail Design - FULL SET 24 nails - ready to ship

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Heart Cut Out Flash Glitter  Press On Gel Nail Design -

FULL SET 24 NAILS - HAND MADE only 1 available - Ready to Ship  - Short Coffin Heart Tip

Heart Cut Out Flash Glitter set are mainly silver sugar glitter on top, with purple pinkies. 2-4 nails have a crystal decoration

This set includes 24 nails, This set should fit anyone and is ready to ship!

These Press on Nails are made with high quality products, when applied with nail glue correctly (not included) you will be able to get 1-2 weeks of wear 

Nail Tabs, dehydrator Pads, file & buffer Included

Nails are reusable when properly taken care of.  

To apply

Pugh cuticle skin back

use edge of file to gently file off the cuticle skin attached at the cuticle area, wipe away dust

dehydrate with wipe

make sure no dust is present, apply small amount of  glue inside the nail and wait,

then when applying press down for 20 seconds or until secure. Don’t lift up early 

To use tabs

do the same thing as above but use nail tabs on your nail instead of glue

To remove

Soak in warm water, dish soap and cuticle oil for 10+ mins  and gently pop tips off

if removed carefully can save and reuse!



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