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Best Friend 17ml

Best Friend 17ml

$14.39 USD $15.99 USD

Glitterbels Gel Polish is a premium gel polish with a color range that will grow to over 300 colors and will not disappoint!

This soak-off gel polish can be applied as a two or three step system and will cure in 30/60 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp. 

Apply over base coat on clean, dry, and properly prepped natural nails 
To use over acrylic apply on a buffed surface and cleansed from dust 

We advise when using over acrylic to use a cover acrylic as your base to apply on for the best opacity

Top coat with Glitterbels no wipe top coat  60/120 seconds under LED Lamp. 

We advise with these Gel Polishes to use a lamp of 38W or higher.

Shake Well Before Use

Size: 17 ml