GEL MANICURE / ACRYLIC OVERLAY ON NATURAL NAIL 1h-1h 43 Includes builder in a bottle and gel polish color $65.00

(hundreds of color options)

JUST NUDES 1.5h Base price

Short- Medium $75.00 

Long - $85.00

XL - $120.00

XXL- $140.00

Includes Core powder and top coat 

Over 20 different nude core powders to choose from including shimmer, soft whites & all different shades of nude for any skin tone

can also decorate with gel polish add $10

Colored acrylic Designs 2h+

Short- Medium $80.00

Long- $90.00

XL - $125.00

XXL- $145.00

This is when you want to pick your nail design - includes Simple encapsulation Designs 

(Hand painting, Color blocking, 3D + crystals are extra).

Baby boomer / French / Color Blocking 

Base Price

Short-Medium $85.00

Long- $95.00

XL - $130.00

XXL- $150.00 

✨Sarah’s Choice  2-2.5h Short-Medium

Base Price

Short- Medium $85.00

Long- $95.00

XL - $130.00

XXL- $150.00

(I pick the design! with your likes and dislikes in mind of corse!) Includes crystals!


I help you design your dream set!  Wedding sets  Include 3D and crystals

Short- medium length - $100.00

Long- $115.00

XL - $135.00

XXL- $155.00

These appointments do not include a follow up unless it is for removal 


Easy Hand painting designs $1 per nail (Swirls, butterflies, cloud nails, flames, etc) Intricate hand painting $ depend on time Consultation for design required! 

Crystal design designs: $5 per design per nail*

3D on top or encapsulated $5 per nail

💵 CASH or e-transfer

Removal $30 (file down, soak off) includes cuticle clean up