Glitterbels FAQ:
Q: Do I need to cap Glitterbels in clear?
A: We recommend capping colored acrylic in clear to create your apex. 

Q: Do I need a clear base/ foundation?
A: No, its personal preference but we find it's much easier for you when the client comes back for a fill to have the clear base to file back down to. 
Q: ,,xyz color marbles how do I use it? 
A: This can happen to some solid colors there is about 4 that it may happen with but it’s easily fixed! Just use it quite wet and gently pat every bead until it’s a solid color and than swipe it down the nail and you should be good to go! 
Q: What’s the best way to use the base glue when adding Swarovski crystals? 
A: Place a bit of base where you want your crystal than simply place your crystal where you want it. It’s best to work fast and crystal by crystal. We also recommend on putting your crystals on the finished filed nail and than topcoat around them make sure to not get any topcoat on your Swarovski crystals or they’ll lose their shine.
Q: What's the best way to work with Glitterbels acrylic system?
A: Glitterbels is a medium to wet system 
Q: Can Glitterbels colors be used as a dip system?
A: Yes they can and Glitterbels may be coming out with all the steps you'll need for that in the future. In the meantime, you may use the steps from whatever system you're using already with Glitterbels colored powders
Q: Do you offer any discounts on Glitterbels?
A: Yes, our ambassadors have codes and we often provide discount codes to our email cutomers so sign up for our email subscription to be notified of new products and discounts. Remember that all promotional or discount codes must be entered at time of purchase as Nail Throne will not no longer honour a discount for any reason after the original purchase has been completed.

-Q: My monomer is only filled to the label? but it didn't spill in transit ??

A: Monomer is filled to the label to prevent spills and leaks in transit, this is confirmed to be the correct amount by the owner of Glitterbels brand.

if however your product opens and spills in package or you ever have any missing or damaged items  please let us know providing your order number and a photo of your packing slip of what's missing or damaged to:  

-Q: Do you offer training?

A. YES currently we have the gel and acrylic design courses, and we are working on having all the glitterbels courses available to you within the year, as well as a bigger educator team

for more information email